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Date: 14/01/2020     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News


Park Village Auctions’ property pages are an ideal place to look for investment properties

Properties near to the country’s large learning institutions are becoming prime targets for property investors who are making handsome returns in the student accommodation market.

Says Park Village Auctions’ Jaco du Toit, well located, safe properties near such institutions can be a great investment to provide annuity income or may be purchased by parents of students rather than renting.

“It seems that every year student accommodation becomes harder to find and more expensive than the last. The pattern of supply and demand never changes with landlords commanding ever high rentals as demand grows. But there is a better way of securing student accommodation through the acquisition of properties via our auctions. Rather than an expense, the purchase of a property in close proximity to learning institutions can be an investment and every cent spent can easily be recuperated at the end of the program or even used as an income and long-term investment.”

He says more people are realizing the advantages of buying rather than renting. Student accommodation is a great investment and is a successful means of growing wealth provided the property is well situated, well maintained and purchased at the right price. Park Village Auctions holds regular auctions around the country, and he advises that would-be property buyers keep an eye on the company’s website and newsletter in order to snag an investment property that meets their unique requirements.

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