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Date: 05/12/2017     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News


These holidays will represent a better-than-ever opportunity to invest and buy goods for the year ahead

Auctions represent a major opportunity to put hard earned December bonuses to work in search of investments and necessities for the year ahead.

The months of December and January represent two of the best times to buy and trade assets, as sellers look to raise cash for the holidays and buyers are more cash flush than usual. Smart investors are also aware of the scramble to convert goods to cash and are happy to face less competition while others are away on holiday. Even large-scale property auctions are more likely to deliver bargains at this time of the year.

Park Village Auctions head auctioneer, Clive Lazarus, says this time of the year is unique as it attracts serious buyers and sellers across the range from properties, farms and industrial equipment, to household goods and vehicles.

“Don’t under-estimate the value of your money. With your bonus in hand, you have tremendous buying power and are highly likely to succeed in finding the kind of investments you are after. It cuts out the haggling, is safer and the purchase is made on the spot subject to no conditions.”

He suggests that buyers watch the auction pages and pay daily visits to the Park Village Auctions website to seek opportunities and identify the type of goods required. Depending on the type and location bidders can either physically attend the auction or log into the live online facility.

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