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Date: 23/04/2018     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News


Park Village Auctions have a wide range of properties to choose from

Steady house prices through the last half of 2017 and first quarter of 2018 may be just the tonic needed to settle the market and provide a springboard for future growth.

Says Park Village Auctions Roy Lazarus, “Lower inflation, interest-rate cuts and a more investment friendly political dispensation bodes well for the industry in future and as a result we are expecting to see more investors returning to the safe haven that is property. We also foresee the industry gaining traction slowly before gaining momentum later in the year and in months to come.

“Experts predict the national GDP to grow between 0.7%-1.5% and we believe this will give rise to growth of up to 5.5% on national house prices and even more in the top performing segments. And, while the high and mid-value ends of the market can expect growth of between 5%-7.5%, this year, smart investors may look towards the value-end where entry-level houses are in higher demand than ever before,” says Roy.

Even so, returns on property investment will remain moderate and Roy advises “would-be” investors to take time to research target properties, establish the areas’ investment credentials and to buy at the right price. He adds that auctions usually provide the fairest value, with properties selling nearest to their true market value.

“In order to make the best decisions, buyers should watch the auction pages and pay daily visits to the Park Village Auctions website to identify real investment-grade properties. Depending on the location bidders can either physically attend the auction or log into the live online facility.”

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