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Date: 20/06/2018     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News

Auctions hold key for commercial vehicle fleet upgrades

Auctions hold key for commercial vehicle fleet upgrades
Park Village Auctions’ commercial vehicle auction

With the economy in recovery mode the time is right for small and medium sized businesses to grow and replenish their transportation fleets and expand their footprints.

The latest Data from the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) suggests that businesses nationally are gearing to meet increasing transportation requirements with successive months of growth and a strong upward trend in all categories of commercial vehicles since the beginning of the year.

While national companies and big business accounts for the majority of sales of commercial vehicles, small and medium sized businesses should also ensure they seek opportunities and put themselves in a position to meet growing demands. And, for these companies, auctions may be just the tonic needed.

Says Clive Lazarus of Park Village Auctions’ our auctions represent a means for smaller businesses to procure vehicles at a fraction of the price of new stock. It also affords them an opportunity to buy premium quality vehicles at a price they can afford.

“With diesel prices at all time highs and the cost of maintaining trucks rising, it pays to purchase quality vehicles that are suited to the type of work they are expected to carry out. All too often companies make use of ill-suited vehicles because it is all they can afford and this should never be the case. Rather attend our auctions and find the right vehicle for the job at an affordable price.”

He adds that with 13 977 new commercial vehicles hitting the roads in May this year, the stage is set for growth. Simultaneously, however, more sales mean more future defaults, as well as more used fleet disposals to bolster repossession auctions and fill auction floors.

Park Village Auctions undertakes numerous commercial vehicle auctions throughout the year and it pays to regularly visit its website, as well as making use of its newsletter and social pages to stay abreast of happenings and keep an eye out for new stock.

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