Date: 15/05/2018     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News

Exotic imported antique furniture on auction

A large variety of exclusive and exotic imported antique furniture will be the focus of Park Village Auctions’ upcoming general auction. That’s the news from PVA’s Elaine Hague who says that the exclusivity of the items on offer will surely pique the interest of interior designers and discerning collectors.

Date: 08/05/2018     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News

Glass Reinforced Pipe Manufacturing Concern on Offer

Park Village Auctions is inviting offers to purchase assets stemming from the liquidation of the only glass fibre reinforced (GRP) pipe manufacturer in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Date: 02/05/2018     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News

Back To Back Yellow Metal and Mining Equipment Auctions Announced

A large assortment of yellow metal and mining equipment will be brought to market by Park Village Auctions in two consecutive auctions on Tuesday the 8th of May

Date: 23/04/2018     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News


Steady house prices through the last half of 2017 and first quarter of 2018 may be just the tonic needed to settle the market and provide a springboard for future growth

Date: 19/04/2018     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News


Park Village Auctions has issued an invitation to submit offers on a national automated medium and heavy steel industrial shelving business.

Date: 16/04/2018     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News

Truck and Trailer Auctions Favoured For Affordability

In keeping with its long-standing reputation of providing the market with quality and variety, Park Village Auctions will soon make available yet another large collection of truck tractors, trailers, yellow metal and farming equipment which should appeal to buyers across the spectrum.

Date: 10/04/2018     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News

What to consider when buying a property on Auction

It’s no secret that auctions represent an excellent opportunity to invest in quality properties at market related – or even forced sale rates. Provided, of course, that buyers have done their homework before raising their hands to bid. Roy Lazarus, director at Park Village Auctions, explains the intricacies of purchasing a house on auction.

Date: 03/04/2018     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News

PVA Announces Large Warehouse Sale

A large variety of equipment, office and household furniture will be the focus of PVA’s upcoming auction which will see stock from several insolvent estates and liquidations go under the hammer. That’s the news from Elaine Hague who says that the auction represents an excellent opportunity for manufacturers, retailers, and homeowners to acquire quality goods.

Date: 26/03/2018     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News


How the country’s political, economic and social landscape has changed in the space of just three short months.

Date: 19/03/2018     Park Village Auctioneers     Auction News

Vacant Land In Secure Marina Residential Estate On The Block

Park Village Auctions will soon bring to market an unimproved stand in the heart of a secure upmarket marina residential estate, Harbour Town, located on the Northern shores of the Vaal Dam.